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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to learn more about the Quick Weight Loss Centers program. Where should I start?

Our website is designed to provide you with some basic information you may be looking for before you visit a center. However, there is only so much that can be addressed in an FAQ, and where Quick Weight Loss Centers really shines is in our individualized approach to weight loss. In order to get the best information possible about our program and how it can help address your specific needs and goals, we recommend coming in today for a free, no-obligation consultation. This will allow our counselors to review your unique situation, needs, and goals, and provide you with answers to all of your questions, so that you can make an informed decision. Call us today at (888) 262-3162 or make an appointment online now.

What is the Quick Weight Loss Centers program?

The Quick Weight Loss Centers program is a balanced approach to weight loss with a 30+ year track record of success. We offer comprehensive weight reduction programs that are professionally supervised for safe and rapid results. Quick Weight Loss Centers is open 6 days a week for your convenience.

What kind of foods can I eat on the Quick Weight Loss program?

While losing weight on the Quick Weight Loss Centers program, you will enjoy eating a properly balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, proteins, starches, dairy and fats. There are some foods and beverages that are restricted during your weight loss period, but all foods are gradually added back to your diet once you reach your goal weight. Quick Weight Loss Centers also has a vegetarian program for those who do not eat meat.

Do I have to eat packaged meals?

No! The Quick Weight Loss Centers program uses regular grocery store food that you can prepare yourself at home or that can be ordered out at most restaurants. Our focus is on teaching you healthy eating habits, so we’re not going to make you dependent on expensive pre-packaged meals.

After losing weight with Quick Weight Loss Centers, will I keep it off?

One of the things that sets Quick Weight Loss Centers apart from other programs is that we continue to provide you with support after you have lost the weight to show you how to keep it off. Our programs offer Stabilization and Maintenance phases to help you adapt to and preserve your new, healthy weight.

Are there any group meetings?

No. One of the best features of the Quick Weight Loss Centers program is the personalized individual attention that you receive from our Quick Weight Loss Centers counselors. They will guide, support and encourage you throughout the weight loss process while supervising and monitoring your progress. Most importantly, your counseling is always done on a one-to-one basis so you get results quickly..

Do I need an appointment to see a weight loss counselor?

No. All of Quick Weight Loss Centers’ clients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. No appointment is necessary, you come in at your own convenience when it is a good time for you!

How much does the Quick Weight Loss Centers program cost?

All of the programs offered by Quick Weight Loss are sensibly priced and can fit into anyone's budget from a student to a retiree. The cost depends on the amount of time needed to reach your weight loss goal. Come in today for a free consultation to determine your exact needs and cost.

There is not a Quick Weight Loss Centers location near me, how can I do your program?

Quick Weight Loss Center offers programs from the comfort of your home! The Quick Weight Loss Home Program has been designed and modified for optimal weight loss results. As a Home Program client you will be communicating directly with one of our experienced and professional weight loss counselors via phone or email based on your preference. Call us today at 877-941-3030 or purchase our Home Program online.

Will insurance reimburse me for the cost of this program?

When weight loss is medically necessary, many FSA/HSA/HRA providers (and some insurance providers) will reimburse for weight loss programs that include counseling, and Quick Weight Loss Centers’ program qualifies as an eligible weight loss program. Quick Weight Loss Centers cannot determine whether or not you will qualify for reimbursement under your current plan, accept FSA/HSA/HRA debit cards, or submit paperwork to your insurance company. However, we will provide you with instructions for following up with your insurance company and physician, including a Letter of Medical Necessity for your doctor to fill out for you to submit to your insurance provider, along with your receipts, for possible reimbursement of your program fees (not including snacks).

How does the Quick Weight Loss Centers program Work?

At Quick Weight Loss Centers, individuals are put on an easy to follow nutritionally balanced weight loss program based on how much weight they need to lose, sex, age, activity level and medical condition. Your nutritional plan is completely flexible with room for individual choices of food selection. Best of all, the program utilizes regular grocery store food that can be prepared at home or ordered out at most restaurants. Your nutritional food plan is coupled with one-to-one personal counseling which offers you the structure and accountability needed for success and enables you to lose your weight consistently with fewer plateaus. This integrated approach to weight loss provides you with the tools needed to not only lose your weight, but most importantly the healthy habits and behaviors you need to stay thin for a lifetime.

Will I need to count calories on the Quick Weight Loss program?

No. The Quick Weight Loss program is portion-based. Our large protein portions ensure that hunger is never an issue, and easy to understand portion sizes mean that there is no calorie counting, which many people find to be confusing and tedious.

Does the Quick Weight Loss program involve shots or surgery?

No. The Quick Weight Loss program is based on eating regular foods and working with your counselor to achieve success. Non-pharmaceutical weight loss aids are available.

Is the Quick Weight Loss program a very low calorie diet (VLCD)?

No! The Quick Weight Loss program provides up to 1800 calories per day (and it is portion-based, so no calorie counting is required). We empower you to make the simple changes necessary to lose weight AND keep it off for life.

Can I eat at restaurants while on the Quick Weight Loss program?

Yes! The Quick Weight Loss program is based on real foods that you can prepare yourself at home or order in restaurants. We provide you with guidance for making healthy and satisfying choices at any restaurant.

How fast can I lose my weight on the Quick Weight Loss program?

Your age, sex, medical condition, activity level, degree of obesity, and adherence to the program will determine the rate at which you lose your weight. Most medical conditions will not slow down your weight loss. However, if you do have a pre-existing medical condition or take some medication that may slow down your weight loss, our staff will advise you of this at your consultation. Although results vary per individual, many of our clients lose up to 3 pounds or more per week‡ on the Quick Weight Loss Program. Check out our Facebook page to see how much weight our "Top Achievers" are losing on a weekly basis, and view our many weight loss testimonials to read their stories.

Do I have to exercise to lose weight?

No. Exercise is not required in order to lose weight on the Quick Weight Loss program. However, increasing your activity level is encouraged as part of a healthy lifestyle. Many clients see an immediate increase in energy when they begin to lose weight. Your physician should always be consulted before beginning an exercise program.

Where are your centers located?

There are over 35 Quick Weight Loss Centers locations in Florida (Tampa, Treasure Coast, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami) and in Texas (Houston and Austin). We also offer a Home Program for those who are not near to one of our many locations.

What if I previously had Bariatric Surgery?

Many of our clients have gone through bariatric surgery and need the assistance of a weight loss program to teach them how to keep the weight off. We understand how important eating healthy nutritious food can be after surgery and how important proper nutrition will be for the rest of your life. We will teach you how to keep your weight off.

Can children do the program?

Yes. We have many children participating in the Quick Weight Loss Centers program. It is very rewarding to see their lives change as a result of weight loss. We offer a free program to any child over the age of 8 (up to 2 children per adult) when a parent or guardian enrolls.

Are your services guaranteed?

Yes, Quick Weight Loss Centers will provide you with a written service guarantee. Your QWLC Service Guarantee is calculated based upon your medical history and goal weight and other factors. Your QWLC Service Guarantee is valid as long as you visit the center regularly, take treatment weeks consecutively, and follow all eating and counseling guidelines as instructed. If, abiding by these conditions, you do not reach your goal weight in the amount of time specified in your QWLC Service Guarantee, Quick Weight Loss Centers will continue your program until you have lost the amount of weight specified without any additional charge for our services. Please note that the cost of nutritional supplements and other weight loss products are not included in this guarantee.

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