For a limited time:

A Sample Day


• Start your day with a protein-packed punch.

• Grab and go smoothie recipes.

• Pancakes and French toast (really!)

• Loaded with protein to give you a boost

Morning Snack:

• Tasty pick-me-ups to enjoy.

• Fruit or a delicious chocolate protein bar.

• The best protein supplements.

• Eat without feeling deprived.


• Eat Smart, stay focused.

• Filling salads and sandwiches.

• Simple make-at-home dishes.

• Skip the post-lunch energy crash

Afternoon Snack:

• Healthy snack options.

• Sweet and savory snacks.

• Protein-based options.

• Stay satisfied throughout day


• Simple, tasty recipes.

• New ways to cook beef and chicken.

• Heart-healthy fish and vegetable dishes.

• There's even dessert - the Q way!

Evening Snack:

• Never go to bed hungry.

• Shakes, drinks, fruit and more.

• Healthy and filling snack ideas.

• Sets you up for success the next day

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